Shark Tank now a Hamas Sympathizer & Operative?

Javier Manjarres, the sponsor of the Shark-Tank blog released a commentary Wednesday August 17th, detailing plans of Islamic Brotherhood’s plan for infiltration of the local Republican leadership ranks in Broward County.  Manjarres states the high-ranking  operative of the Muslim Brotherhood here in Broward,  Nezar Hamze the Florida Director of the Center for Islamic American Relations (CAIR†), confided in him that he intends to become a Republican Committeeman for his neighborhood precinct, (of course he’d need to first become a Republican).

 †(CAIR was founded with grants from Hamas the terrorist organization)

Nezar Hamze seems to have a close relationship with Manjarres in order to reveal his plans, before they are hatched.  That would be a foolish act, unless it was larger in scope than can be seen on the surface.  This blog is crafted as an attack on local Republican leadership and the real goal behind “I make the news” Manjarres’ blog.  Javier Manjarres by his act has directly lent aid and support to Hamas Front and sworn enemy of our Nation and our people.  This is just one more reprehensible act by the self-serving and narcissistic Manjarres.

Manjarres’s acting in support of Hamze’s plot is easily seen as a harassing maneuver to “prepare the ground”, for Hamze’s planned assault  on Broward Republican leadership.  Manjarres states further that Hamze wants to establish a Islamic Republican Club. At this time there are no chartered faith-based Republican Clubs in Broward.  Hamze, now with Manjarres’s aide, are seeking to establish the first such club.

This is but the latest in a series of undermining efforts by Manjarres to destabilize the Broward Republican Leadership.  It’s superficial and simply an opportunity for Manjarres to add his “I make the news” spin against the local party leadership.  You can’t be against Republicans at every turn and being paid to do it, and be in Republican leadership.  “That dog don’t hunt” as we say in the south.  It doesn’t work for Manjarres, and it certainly won’t work for Nezar Hamze.

The reader needs to grasp that Hamze can not meet the behavioral requirements of Republican Leadership any more than Manjarres can.

You may recall that Manjarres has been sanctioned this year by the Republican Party of Florida for his actions against Republicans and the Party.  Manjarres is currently under investigation by the RPOF and stands to be removed from local Republican leadership ranks as a consequence of such continued anti Republican actions.  Republican’s widely have come to see Manjarres’s attacks as “sour grapes” over his failing to get a candidate elected as BREC chair.  That candidate promised the position of Executive Director of the Broward Republican Executive Committee to Manjarres!

Is the control of the BREC at the heart of Manjarres’ actions? Would he be so self-serving as to place himself at the side of the Muslim Brotherhood to help him gain such a feat?  Is the Muslim Brotherhood supporting Javier Manjarres as part of their plan to infiltrate?  Why is Manjarres so cozy with Hamas?

26 thoughts on “Shark Tank now a Hamas Sympathizer & Operative?

  1. Oh yeah, this Hamze guy, I just read up on him. He has a real way of wigwagging around in the truth these two both seem to be spin doctors wanting to hurt the Republicans before the election. CAIR sure seems like a Hamas front group. Sayat has him spotted and called out! Good work,.

  2. Excellent observation Marty and well written. JM is using Alinsky radical rules and it will not work. Shame on him. He belongs in the category of Mr. Obama. and Mrs. Debbie Wasserman Schultz

  3. Yep, SharkTank, is finally being “out-ed”….his tactics are older than the hills….
    EVERYBODY knows he actually is paid by the DEMS.
    I wonder if he’ll slip one day and post his endorsement for DWS….?

  4. I have read Javiers blog several times. I find it horrible that he has treated conservatives so poorely! I live in North Florida and this is NOT the way we treat fellow conservatives. He should be ashamed. Now this… I will never go back to the Tank! Never!

    • His antics reach far and wide. I guess the Chairman of CPAC prior to the current one is friend’s with this guy and that’s why he won CPAC blogger of the year. He is heralded as the golden boy of Broward politics, and it’s all on account of the fact that he is a pot stirrer. Nothing more nothing less.

  5. JM is always looking to cause trouble. This is what he does best.
    He is like a snake waiting to attack his prey and his prey is BREC!!!

      • So then she must be implicit with regard to this whole CAIR situation in some fashion right? If she is financially linked to Shark-Tank (anyone that is financially linked for that matter) then she is indirectly aiding and abetting those who’ve declared war on the U.S. even if only at a miniscule level. I certainly think McCalister would not want to be associated with that!

  6. You gotta wonder about Manjarres’ relationship with these CAIR guys – he’s got them in various interviews…looks like he is purposely instigating them to get involved in BREC to start trouble. That’s Javier’s MO, to start trouble for any Republicans that don’t pay him.

    • Terry that is a phenomenal question. She is slated to be at the Republican Club of Central Broward meeting on October 11th, you should come and ask her!

  7. It is absolutely amazing to me how people attack Javier. He has brought us numerous videos showing interactions with Hamze that we would never have seen without him. It’s like the rest of the bloggers are afraid to go there. Javier did not encourage Hamze to join BREC. He simply told him the procedure when he asked. Anyone would have done the same. The way his application was handled by BREC was apalling. To institute a new voting procedure designed specifically to keep him out was far from the “Republican way.” You can bet the entire thing was designed by CAIR to enable them to sue BREC. Great – more bad press for BREC.

    • You are quite off the mark here. Javier has not once demonstrated that he does anything for any semblance of the greater good, he is an opportunist that takes advantage of people. And you’re flat wrong about the whole encouragement thing. Hamze admitted several times that Javier “encouraged” him. It was not until it blew up in both of their faces that the back peddling began. Besides why would Hamze put down Javier’s name if he wasn’t involved? You’re also flat wrong on the voting procedure. It is not new it just hasn’t been practiced. And speaking of the “Republican way” when was the last time Javier Manjarres applied that principle to his practices? Thanks for the post!

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  9. As an outsider….no dog in this hunt; all of this is galacticaly pathetic. If I worked for Debbie Slash-my-Throat Schultz, or Ted Dunce, or Alcye Haste-My-Wealth, I would be the most loyal reader of all this embarrassing (but marvelously entertaining) drivel in town.

    Keep it up…at this point it is impossible to identify the bozo in this argument. It no longer matters. Everyone is the bozo.

    You guys better figure this out because it is consuming you.

    • Bandit, your premise is quite accurate in the sense that we’re bozos for allowing this to go on for so long and it has become a consuming nuisance. But where we diverge is that this man needs to be exposed for the sham he is. If you do not or cannot agree with that, I can respect it. However, I would strongly urge you to consider some obvious points. Mr. Manjarres has been the “front man” for the attacks against the BREC and its Board especially , he has ignored the RPOF’s demand that he stop attacking the BREC (but they failed to enforce it, thus encouraging this brigand’s malfeasance), and now he is back peddling over the shenanigans with CAIR and Hamze. Thanks for the post!

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