Just raise taxes?

The City of Plantation has yet again insulted her citizens.  The two exceptions notwithstanding, our magnanimous city council members ignored the wisdom of the people who opposed the rise in millage and went ahead and increased the property tax.  So really what are we talking about here?  The council’s challenge was to cut around $650K out of the budget without tapping into the reserve, which they “had to” to avoid emergency services cuts, to the tune of about… oh wait who cares we’ll just raise taxes if it doesn’t work out.

I digress.

Most that approached the council did not favor the tax increase.  One officer defended against a suggestion about instituting a furlough 2 times the next fiscal year.  I cannot say I blame him; however there are modifications that could make this work.  I would say that if they extended the hours on the four days that the city’s employee’s work in order to ensure that they get 40 hours then there should not be much of a problem.  However, let’s not be silly here and allow the logic to get twisted.  We do not want any negative repercussions befalling our emergency services.  This is the distortion of reality that liberal minded councilmen like to pass as sound logic, especially when the elitist Councilman Levy “educates” us on the economic “law” of rise in costs of goods and services.  At least he agreed with the citizen who suggested the furlough option.

However, the biggest slap to the face was a promise breaker’s excuse as to why he voted for the millage rate increase.  This promise breaker is Councilman Ron Jacobs.  Yes folks the very man who ran his campaign on the notion that he wouldn’t raise taxes if elected.  I won’t waste much time with it but spineless certainly come to mind.

Councilwoman Uria casted a no vote, and along with Councilwoman Stoner, we have some hope up there on the dais!  Her reasoning is one that affects us all, including city employees as they face rises in utilities (FPL) and things like home insurance increases.  Unfortunately, certain council members are just blind to the obvious.

The point is, City Council of Plantation, we have our eye on you, and the outlook is not pleasant.  As stated a few times, the budget is just a guideline.  Make sure you find a way to cut the $650K without costing the tax payer, your employer, any more money.

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