Does the Shark swim with CAIR?

Authored by Robert Lowry Co-Authored by W. M. Hughes

Republicans always seem to be caught off guard; they always err on the side of honesty and integrity. Republicans simply trust all those that state that they are Republicans – not really knowing if they really are Republicans, a practice long due to be over for certain, but…

Is this unique to the conservative party? You never hear the term DINO (Democrat In Name Only) do you?

This week, the readily unapparent, “trusted conservative voice” showed his true colors at the BREC meeting. It seems that the CPAC “Blogger of the year 2010” has once again misled the trusting Republican Party and demonstrated that he is truly NOT conservative at all, but rather the self-promoting, Republican basher that he is.  Perhaps now we should add conspirator to this list of misdeeds and wrongdoings.

At Monday night’s BREC meeting Nezar Hamze applied to the BREC and after much ado about it,  the membership voted him down.  It helps to know that this man is also the Executive Director for CAIR in South Florida.  When asked in front of the entire BREC Assembly, Hamze admitted that it was Javier Manjarres that “encouraged” him to apply for the membership.  Hamze has been registered as a Republican for only a few months now, as confirmed by the BREC Membership Chair and Vice Chair, Colleen Stollberg, and thus raising suspicion about these players’ intentions.  Manjarres seems to be establishing a working relationship with Hamze.  Is it collusion?  Here’s a clip from the Shark Tank with Hamze coming after Lt. Col. West.  Funny how el Sharko has the scoop on Hamze isn’t it?   Here’s a couple of blogs he’s done on the topic:

So what type of relationship really exists between Javier Manjarres and Nezar Hamze?  We have Hamze’s admission of Javier Manjarres “encouraging” him to apply for membership so it stands to reason Manjarres is orchestrating something here.  In fact, Manjarres has consistently created pawns to do his bidding as he himself hides behind the veil of “conservative blogger”.   Several months ago, Javier Manjarres filed a grievance against the BREC Chairman, Richard DeNapoli, and orchestrated with another compatriot for his cause, Ben Bullard,  to do the same. It turns out that Bullard and Manjarres have something in common, crime.  Bullard served 17 months as a convicted felon. It wasn’t until the day before the grievance hearing that Bullard would apologize to Chairman DeNapoli via email that his grievance was fabricated and the puppeteer was none other than Javier Manjarres.

Others have sprung to his defense, people like Congressional Candidate Karen Harrington, who has enjoyed the protection and avid promotion by Manjarres’ Shark Tank in her short time as a Republican candidate. Allegedly admitting she was a Democrat most her life, and that she has actually voted for the woman she seeks to replace, Harrington advocates the destructive practice of slander from the criminal pen of Javier Manjarres in his fish bowl of a blog.

Javier Manjarres is truly what he appears to be, nothing more than a liberal, self-promoting shill to the highest bidder, disguised as a Republican.  His obvious associations with CAIR and other criminals make it obvious to all.  Javier Manjarres must go!

A warning should go out to any candidates that associate themselves with Javier Manjarres, “swim with the Shark, and you will be bitten!”

8 thoughts on “Does the Shark swim with CAIR?

  1. Outstanding and I would only like to add that the rules were never changed they were followed to the letter. Javier and Karen Harrington’s thugs can beat a fast retreat or be eaten alive by the other sharks.

  2. You, of course, know that defaming someone’s character is called slander. I hope you have proof that Manjarres and Ben Bullard both have criminal backgrounds. As far as CAIR is concerned, I believe Hamze and Manjarres picked Karen Harrington as their candidate of choice for US Congress because they bellieve Ms. Harrington will be a strong voice for Islam and Sharia Law in Broward County.

    • Freida, your comment is exactly the issue as Shark-0-Tank’s Manjarres is a STRONG VOICE FOR Radical Islam and Sharia Law. He’s proven that. As for his criminal past, please know Manjarres is a self confessed felon who has multiple run in’s with law enforcement over acts of violence. For a taste of this mans abuse nature take a moment to learn more:

  3. I do believe I met some of you fine people at P5. I greatly appreciate the information many of you provided me regarding Shark Tank.

    And thanks for the “Hospitality.”

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