It only stands to reason…

Clearly this guy has got to go.  Manjarres insistence upon defending the director of CAIR should start to alarm people.  As reported by Red Broward and Florida Conservative News, Manjarres is now pointing the finger at Republican Jews for a debacle that anyone with half a brain can see is being orchestrated by the stifled ambush blogger.  Obviously flummoxed, Manjarres thinks this is a religious matter, and has nothing to do with Hamze direct link through CAIR to Hamas.

Manjarres’ collusion with Hamze (CAIR) has clearly backfired and now desperate to make himself look better he resorts to typical childish behavior.   Play the blame game.   The problem is he is taking a method we saw a long, long time ago.  It was something an evil man did when he saw his opportunity.  Just as Hitler blamed the Jewish people for the problems Germany faced some 70 years ago, Manjarres has saw fit to do the same today for his CAIR-less mistake.

When is the BREC membership going to take a stand against this malevolence?  When will they see that Javier Manjarres only works to see them disjoined and broken?

This also calls into question the decision making capabilities of Adam Hasner and Karen Harrington.  If they can’t see what their henchman is doing to their Party then they should seriously reconsider their bids for any seat as an elected official.  Don’t you think?

Does the Shark swim with CAIR?

Authored by Robert Lowry Co-Authored by W. M. Hughes

Republicans always seem to be caught off guard; they always err on the side of honesty and integrity. Republicans simply trust all those that state that they are Republicans – not really knowing if they really are Republicans, a practice long due to be over for certain, but…

Is this unique to the conservative party? You never hear the term DINO (Democrat In Name Only) do you?

This week, the readily unapparent, “trusted conservative voice” showed his true colors at the BREC meeting. It seems that the CPAC “Blogger of the year 2010” has once again misled the trusting Republican Party and demonstrated that he is truly NOT conservative at all, but rather the self-promoting, Republican basher that he is.  Perhaps now we should add conspirator to this list of misdeeds and wrongdoings.

At Monday night’s BREC meeting Nezar Hamze applied to the BREC and after much ado about it,  the membership voted him down.  It helps to know that this man is also the Executive Director for CAIR in South Florida.  When asked in front of the entire BREC Assembly, Hamze admitted that it was Javier Manjarres that “encouraged” him to apply for the membership.  Hamze has been registered as a Republican for only a few months now, as confirmed by the BREC Membership Chair and Vice Chair, Colleen Stollberg, and thus raising suspicion about these players’ intentions.  Manjarres seems to be establishing a working relationship with Hamze.  Is it collusion?  Here’s a clip from the Shark Tank with Hamze coming after Lt. Col. West.  Funny how el Sharko has the scoop on Hamze isn’t it?   Here’s a couple of blogs he’s done on the topic:

So what type of relationship really exists between Javier Manjarres and Nezar Hamze?  We have Hamze’s admission of Javier Manjarres “encouraging” him to apply for membership so it stands to reason Manjarres is orchestrating something here.  In fact, Manjarres has consistently created pawns to do his bidding as he himself hides behind the veil of “conservative blogger”.   Several months ago, Javier Manjarres filed a grievance against the BREC Chairman, Richard DeNapoli, and orchestrated with another compatriot for his cause, Ben Bullard,  to do the same. It turns out that Bullard and Manjarres have something in common, crime.  Bullard served 17 months as a convicted felon. It wasn’t until the day before the grievance hearing that Bullard would apologize to Chairman DeNapoli via email that his grievance was fabricated and the puppeteer was none other than Javier Manjarres.

Others have sprung to his defense, people like Congressional Candidate Karen Harrington, who has enjoyed the protection and avid promotion by Manjarres’ Shark Tank in her short time as a Republican candidate. Allegedly admitting she was a Democrat most her life, and that she has actually voted for the woman she seeks to replace, Harrington advocates the destructive practice of slander from the criminal pen of Javier Manjarres in his fish bowl of a blog.

Javier Manjarres is truly what he appears to be, nothing more than a liberal, self-promoting shill to the highest bidder, disguised as a Republican.  His obvious associations with CAIR and other criminals make it obvious to all.  Javier Manjarres must go!

A warning should go out to any candidates that associate themselves with Javier Manjarres, “swim with the Shark, and you will be bitten!”

Just raise taxes?

The City of Plantation has yet again insulted her citizens.  The two exceptions notwithstanding, our magnanimous city council members ignored the wisdom of the people who opposed the rise in millage and went ahead and increased the property tax.  So really what are we talking about here?  The council’s challenge was to cut around $650K out of the budget without tapping into the reserve, which they “had to” to avoid emergency services cuts, to the tune of about… oh wait who cares we’ll just raise taxes if it doesn’t work out.

I digress.

Most that approached the council did not favor the tax increase.  One officer defended against a suggestion about instituting a furlough 2 times the next fiscal year.  I cannot say I blame him; however there are modifications that could make this work.  I would say that if they extended the hours on the four days that the city’s employee’s work in order to ensure that they get 40 hours then there should not be much of a problem.  However, let’s not be silly here and allow the logic to get twisted.  We do not want any negative repercussions befalling our emergency services.  This is the distortion of reality that liberal minded councilmen like to pass as sound logic, especially when the elitist Councilman Levy “educates” us on the economic “law” of rise in costs of goods and services.  At least he agreed with the citizen who suggested the furlough option.

However, the biggest slap to the face was a promise breaker’s excuse as to why he voted for the millage rate increase.  This promise breaker is Councilman Ron Jacobs.  Yes folks the very man who ran his campaign on the notion that he wouldn’t raise taxes if elected.  I won’t waste much time with it but spineless certainly come to mind.

Councilwoman Uria casted a no vote, and along with Councilwoman Stoner, we have some hope up there on the dais!  Her reasoning is one that affects us all, including city employees as they face rises in utilities (FPL) and things like home insurance increases.  Unfortunately, certain council members are just blind to the obvious.

The point is, City Council of Plantation, we have our eye on you, and the outlook is not pleasant.  As stated a few times, the budget is just a guideline.  Make sure you find a way to cut the $650K without costing the tax payer, your employer, any more money.

Typical Liberal Childish Arguments.

We’re going straight to the point tonight.  I love budget meetings.  Plantation’s held theirs tonight and it was no exception!  The first thing the liberals argue when cutting the budget is that emergency services are going to be cut.  What an asinine concept.  When there is so much waste in perks and overlap they want to feign some garbage argument and pretend it carries weight.  People they are spitting on you and you are thanking them for it!  We have Councilman Levy saying that any tax increase to keep up the fancy façade here in Plantation is okay with him.  Sorry I didn’t know you knew how much it costs me to live.  I suppose I am to move to a poorer neighborhood to avoid the cost increase.  I don’t mean to be cynical but damn that is elitist of him isn’t it?  Councilman Tingom held the same views.  Birds of a feather eh?

Listen folks.  Right now is the time for a little austerity.  Think with your brain not your emotions!

Beware the Corporatist!

Right, Left, Center?  Forget about it.  The bigwigs got us all by the “you know what”…  But be wary because they created the confusion and lies. Then they spread this propaganda and it has us running in circles.  The Corporatists are the ones in control of the media, big biz, big pharm, big everything.  The message they send to the right claims that the left is wrong and vice versa.  Remember they are the ones who pushed Washington with the mantra, “TOO BIG TO FAIL.”  Now if they weren’t the ones pulling the strings then why would they be too big to fail?

So while they leave our economy in shambles, the Federal Government props them up, and we’re left holding the bag.  Watch your candidates closely and dive deeper into their records, for the actions of their past will dictate what they do in the future.  The message is clear, read the arguments of our Founders when they discussed the Constitution, listen to the warnings in the Federalist AND Anti-Federalist Papers.  The Anti-Federalists may have more bearing on our present day so look there first.  We have precious little time and the stakes couldn’t be higher!

Don’t get stuck on stupid…

Why is it that no one understands that the Founders abhorred tyranny?  These men never expected the President to be able to make a law, or burden the citizens, with the stroke of a pen!  They fought against such behavior.

Furthermore, they never wanted the Federal Government to have such control either.  The whole purpose of Federalism was to keep the States sovereign!  If you want to know what they were intending there is ample resources to learn from.  I suggest you start with the Federalist and Anti-Federalist Papers.  Follow the hyperlinks and you’ll get to a place where they read them to you!  GO THERE NOW!!!

So please if you’re stuck, get unstuck ASAP!  Pick a President who doesn’t think that the position has any other purpose than to carry out the laws passed by Congress, and don’t pick a Senator or Representative that thinks they have the authority to stray from the Constitution!

When it comes down to it…

It’s pretty simple. Javier Manjarres and company (via The Shark Tank), are not satisfied with the voice of the members of BREC.  Javier claims that Richard DeNapoli, Chairman of the Broward Republican Executive Committee (BREC) is splitting the party.  The truth is that Javier and his cohorts are actually the driving force behind any divisions BREC is suffering.  They launch fiery insults against BREC and DeNapoli vary from funny financial foists and most disturbingly, threatening voters during the Chairman Elections in December.  In his blog  Javier denigrates BREC’s Executive Director, Rico Petrocelli, by stating that he carries himself in a “goodfellas” manner.  Javier offers us a fine display of prejudicial behavior that suggests Rico is some kind of mobster thug.  Recently, I was given a packet of papers and to my surprise it was a list of convictions and fines imposed on Javier and his businesses.   Imagine my surprise when I saw that the very thing Javier accuses his “prey” of, he is actually GUILTY of himself.  Is that not a total shock?  Yeah not so much for me either…

In 1995, Javier Manjarres pleaded guilty to burglary with assault, a first degree felony.  So who’s the thug?  In 2008 he was taken to court for domestic violence where the court record shows what kind of man he is.  What kind of man throws things at a woman?  His penchant for violence and crime seems to have given Javier a vivid imagination, hasn’t it?  Either that or he thinks this is Chicago and his bully tactics are going to gain him political advantages.  You could even say that Javier is stereotyping Richard DeNapoli and Rico Petrocelli, neither having any documented history of violence or crime.  I wonder if Javier realizes the gravity of his recent outlandish comments.  Rico stated that he received several calls from other BREC members that are minorities empathizing with him. “Naysayers are protected by the Constitution via the First Amendment, but this is a personal attack, not free speech.  It’s more like hate speech.” Rico proclaimed, “I’m insulted, but you know what, I pray for him because he has a lot of anger, knowing that, I also forgive him.  We still have to come together and win in 2012.  That is what I’m here for; that is what we’re here for!”

Examining the issues brought up by Javier about the financial practices of BREC, I see what a hypocrite this man is.  The RPOF pretty much exonerated BREC but that’s not what we can say about our “super-sleuth”,  now is it?  It seems there is a litany of poor financial practices in Manjarres’ secret closet.  Passing bad checks and failing to file with the FEC is the norm in Javier Manjarres’ world.  Is this the pot calling the kettle black?  Not exactly, what Javier Manjarres did is/was a criminal offense; charges against Richard DeNapoli or BREC are presently non-existent.

I’m no saint, but I’m trying to eliminate the divisiveness being fostered and to work towards winning elections for Republicans in Broward County.  Richard DeNapoli has done more for the Republican Party in the last few months than I have ever experienced. People are more engaged, there are more events, and meetings in general are professionally run with focus and direction. What I am concerned with is people siding with a man who has a knack for projecting his crimes onto others for profit and notoriety.  I’m also concerned that CPAC gave him an award for such practices.  I am done sitting idly by and letting our Party deteriorate into shambles.  This brings me to a lie that Javier Manjarres recently published.   Javier claimed/accused former BREC Chairman and esteemed County Commissioner, Chip LaMarca of being at odds with the BREC.  In the link you will see an audio recording where Chip makes a comment about who can and who cannot remove a BREC Board member.  At a Republican Club of Central Broward meeting, the air was quickly and appreciatively cleared.  The Commissioner proclaimed, “We’re not at odds.”  He also stated that he was not aware that he was being recorded which further demonstrates the unethical practices of Javier Manjarres.  Commissioner LaMarca also explained that Javier Manjarres asked him if he could use the recording, but failed to give any detail as to what was said on the recording.  This type of ambush journalism is despicable and shouldn’t be supported.

At a Jewish Outreach Coalition meeting, Javier  Manjarres was told, and then even respectfully asked by the chair of the Coalition, Julie Gerber, to stop recording.  Javier Manjarres asked who had the authority to tell him to stop.  This meeting took place at the BREC headquarters which normal people would know that the same authority enforced at BREC meetings would extend to its headquarters,  however, Manjarres, having no ethical standards whatsoever, continued to record.  Javier then claimed that he was assaulted.  At around minute 4:16, there is a peculiar “glitch” in the recording.  There is no continuity in the recording when Manjarres was allegedly “assaulted”.  I cannot say one way or the other if he was assaulted nor do I care.  Do I believe him…never.

The point here is not to pit anyone against Javier Manjarres or his friends, but to get you to understand that what he is doing is wrong.  It’s immoral and more importantly, his misrepresentation of the facts is the only action that is currently threatening the solidarity of the BREC.  He seeks to stir up controversy in order to make money.  I urge you to stop feeding this divisive behavior and join together and win in 2012.  As Rico says, “a house divided is a house that falls,” therefore, be careful what you read and even more careful who you support.  We have the most important election season in our nation’s history at our door.  We need unity more than ever and now is the time to shut out those who would seek to divide us.  It is crystal clear that Javier Manjarres seeks profiteering at the expense of our volunteering.  Finally, I ask you Mr. Manjarres, what is your purpose at the BREC?  Are you there to further Republicans or yourself?  Can you stop the attacks and help us all win in Broward County?

An Expression of the First Amendment

One does not have to look any further than Wisconsin for the evidence needed to see how the left is grabbing for power.  In the results of the recall election we see that the truth in their intent is not about the people but their power.   After Governor Walker’s success in ending the stranglehold the unions had on the education system we see some impressive results.  In a report from you can see that a surplus is forthcoming and jobs are in fact being created.  All this is happening while the classroom sized are shrinking and money has become available to afford merit pay for teachers.

The recall election, which was a clear indicator of how the people can win elections, helped demonstrate that there is still common sense out there somewhere!  According to an report, the recall election results have devastated the progressive and power hungry (they forgot that part) organized labor unions plans for the future.

Now there are many propagandists out there pulling for the left, claiming that Governor Walker cooked up the deficit so that he could go union busting but look no further than their own reporting.   Thankfully there are those out there practicing what was once called due diligence in terms of journalism.

So how does this relate to the First Amendment?  Well we must understand where in the First we are talking about.  There is an implied “clause” commonly referred to the Right to Associate.  This basically means that under the jurisprudence that affirms the Right to Associate, an organization does not have to allow a person entry based on the ideals and morals the organization wishes to portray, if that person doesn’t uphold the same standards.  Based on this holding, we see the implications of the First loosen the death grip that the unions had on the State’s finances.  Here’s how it was, teachers could not get hired without belonging to the union.  A clear violation of the First Amendment. The union did all their negotiating which included where the teachers received their insurance from.  The union essentially owned the insurance company  and being since these organizations controlled all the bargaining power the State was in an utter choke hold because of the contracts that were signed.  Then the Governor stepped in and with a sound legislature the right to associate was restored to the teachers and lo and behold we have a surplus in the state.  Logic prevails again.  The country should take note.

Something else to ponder here.  The 10th Amendment reserves the rights left over to the States, and many think that that is the only way to nullify garbage Federal laws.  The right to association can and should also be used.  States are sovereign and so are the citizens of the U.S.  See Bond v. U.S.

Next week there will be another recall regarding those Democrats that left the state during the debacle and I would be certain the left will be mounting something against Walker as soon as they can.  We’ll be watching…

Conflict of Interest?

On July 26th, the Republican Party of Florida (RPOF) picked Javier Manjarres, ambush “journalist”/blogger for the website,, to promote Presidency 5, or so goes the story.  Presidency 5 is essentially a straw poll for Republican activists.  What has me taken aback is that Mr. Manjarres’ actions are presently under “investigation” by the RPOF, who just so happens to be hosting the event. ( and Fellow BREC member Robert Knox said, “How can he be selected to represent Presidency 5 and CPAC FL if he is known for attacking Republicans?” I don’t know if it is shark, but something smells fishy here.

All this in spite of the fact that Mr. Manjarres recently stated, “This incident speaks volumes as to how far the RPOF has declined during the past six months- these were the first months of  the new leadership whose responsibility it was to repair the damage done by former Chairman Jim Greer.”  Manjarres also proclaimed this about the RPOF, “It is about time that someone showed some fortitude and called out the Republican Party for demonstrating years of  passive leadership to its constituents and submissive behavior towards the Democrat Party.”

In the previous link Manjarres was commending Congressman West on calling on the Republican leadership in Florida when clearly we see a wavering fortitude in the RPOF regarding the misdeeds of The Shark Tank proprietor.  A grievance committee has revoked his status as an alternate committeeman in the Broward Republican Executive Committee (BREC) (see link above), but the ruling hasn’t been enforced.  So what kind of leadership are we supposed to follow in the Florida GOP as West calls us to do?  It seems to me in spite of all the controversy that’s been stirred up BREC Chairman DeNapoli is making progress.  Records are showing membership is on the rise and BREC coffers are doing well in building for the fight in Broward County.  The only thing is we have this gnat that simply won’t buzz off.

It is an absolute shame actually because Javier Manjarres is clearly skilled at getting a message out there, albeit a, for profit and misguided one.  What appears to have started as a petty squabble over the BREC elections in December has snowballed into a nightmare for the BREC (  Thankfully Chairman DeNapoli has demonstrated true leadership and withstood the firestorm coming from within his own Party.  Persistence in the face of adversity and standing on core principles is the mark of genuine leadership, and though not always perfect DeNapoli leads the loyal into battle 2012.  Anything less than a full press covered public apology to Chairman DeNapoli and the BREC is unacceptable.  Nothing has come out of the RPOF regarding our fishy friend and Presidency 5, so I question Manjarres’ integrity.  Come to think of it he’s not even promoting on his website.  It is high time to net this shark and turn our focus to more important issues.  Now where’s that net?

Whispering Bastiat, Marx the Destructor (Good vs. Evil)

The coercive power of government is clear, and there should be no doubt as to whether we live in a “nanny” or “police” State.  The question is where do we get our distinctions?  Perhaps a quick review of Frederic Bastiat’s, The Law, juxtaposed with Karl Marx’ Communist Manifesto, is in order.  Most people are aware of the Prussian born Marx, but not many know or have even heard of Bastiat.  As taken from the Mises website: CLAUDE FREDERIC BASTIAT was a French economist, legislator, and writer who championed private property, free markets, and limited government. Perhaps the main underlying theme of Bastiat’s writings was that the free market was inherently a source of “economic harmony” among individuals, as long as government was restricted to the function of protecting the lives, liberties, and property of citizens from theft or aggression. To Bastiat, governmental coercion was only legitimate if it served “to guarantee security of person, liberty, and property rights, to cause justice to reign over all.”

The following is a brief compare and contrast of the two.  I am not claiming to be an expert on either but when I read both of these theses I was hooked.  Even on a superficial level I agree with Bastiat as under no circumstance does his method require a tyrant and always works against any that try.  It is also bottom up control, the firmest foundation to form a government on.  The basic premise of our Constitution is echoed in “The Law” with special emphasis on the Bill of Rights, often forgotten.

The men would both agree that laws are the tools with which society is framed.  Regardless of what the laws are, their roles are, in one form or another, played out to shape society into either one of pure liberty or pure control.  Bastiat states, ’Dictatorship’ need not involve an actual dictator. All that was needed was ‘the laws,’ enacted by a Congress, or a Parliament, that would achieve the same effect: forced conformity.”  Bastiat actually spoke to the point that the laws that should be enacted do not “plunder” the citizens that live under them.  Diametrically opposing this view is Marx.  In his purview the State is to own all the capital, that no private property or “plundering” exists because the government “represents” the working and regulates every level to keep the peace.  Marx’s 10 planks of Communism are the basis for which his ideal government is to be formed.  Whether a government is a representative form of government or an oligarchy, one thing is for certain; both men see the role of laws as the means to shaping society.

“It is not because men have made laws, that personality, liberty, and property exist.  On the contrary, it is because personality, liberty, and property exist beforehand, that men make laws.”  This statement made by Bastiat, sums up why the notion of justice’ is needed in society.  The human condition seems to be centered on the idea throughout all of history. To Bastiat, justice exists when the individual can act on his own accord without the intervention or “plundering” of government.   Justice equals liberty.  As Bastiat put it this way, “Nothing therefore, can be more evident that this: The law is the organization of the natural right of lawful defense; it is the substitution of collective for individual forces, for the purpose of acting in the sphere in which they have a right to act, of doing what they have a right to do, to secure persons, liberties, and properties, and to maintain each in its right, so as to cause justice to reign over all.”  Or basically put, government is there to provide security to the individual in order for the individual to act out his own desires insofar as that the individual doesn’t violate the liberties of others.  Marx, on the other hand, doesn’t recognize the individual, only the State.  His understanding is that if you remove property from the individual and put it in the hands of the State, the source of conflict, private property, is eradicated and therefore all are equal.  He says it directly, “the theory of the Communists may be summed up in the single sentence: Abolition of private property.”  To Bastiat, justice is defined by protecting individual property, and to Marx it is the exact opposite.

It is imperative to use the proper lens when reviewing any new laws passed in this country.  If you wish to protect private property, then you must oppose any law that stems from the point of view of plundering.  However, there is and always will be a need for the State.  This is where our Constitution comes in.  It sits as the barrier between utter licentiousness and the burdensome hand of government coercion.  Taxes must be paid to support the protection of the land and its citizens, but they should not favor any class.  The Fair Tax or a flat tax would work well in this case.  Private property must stay safeguarded from the intrusion of governments and their agencies.  The way to protect these rights is to understand where the government develops its ideologies.  Rest assured you will find insight into these ideologies starting with these two men, Federic Bastiat and Karl Marx.